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How can Stirling Professional CBD Oil help Chiropractic patients?

The number one goal of Chiropractors is to improve their patient’s lives through holistic methods designed to help the body heal itself. Stirling also believes in creating natural solutions to help Chiropractic patients feel and sleep better. CBD hemp oil has been the subject of several research studies from major universities such as Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and UT that prove its health benefits. Here are the top benefits that the research says can help Chiropractors to improve their patient’s lives:

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Chiropractic patients often struggle with intense swelling that causes pain in their musculoskeletal system. If left unaddressed, this situation could disrupt the patients’ daily lives. But CBD oils could be a helpful ally to combat muscle, bone, and joint pains.

Emerging research suggests that CBD could complement chiropractic treatment by targeting the body’s inherent pain control system. We are talking about the human endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is a complex neurotransmitter network that regulates several bodily functions, including pain signaling. CBD from CBD oil may ease a patient’s recurring pain by interacting with innate endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, immune system, and peripheral nerves.

Studies indicate CBD products can dampen pain perception, reduce swelling, and lessen pain signaling. Early evidence also hints that CBD may relieve treatment-resistant pain due to some medical conditions.

While promising, more research and human studies are still needed to understand better how CBD produces good effects on pain.

CBD Oil for Restful Sleep

Chiropractic patients often struggle with pain and discomfort that can severely impact sleep quality. Emerging research suggests CBD may help restore restful sleep in this population by alleviating pain and reducing overthinking.

Small studies report people taking CBD sleep longer and say it improves sleep quality. This may be attributed to CBD’s influence on sleep-wake cycles via serotonin receptors in the brain. By modulating neurotransmitter activity, CBD extract may help regulate sleep architecture.

While further research is needed, self-reported accounts suggest CBD holds promise for improving sleep duration. It could also enhance sleep quality among chiropractic patients battling pain, discomfort, or racing thoughts. By integrating CBD into a treatment plan, chiropractors may better address the underlying health issues disrupting deep, restorative sleep.

CBD Oil for Enhanced Mood

Chiropractic sessions are designed to alleviate pain and improve physical function. However, this approach also affects mood, which we should not overlook. The discomfort, difficulty in mobility, and even lifestyle disruption may profoundly impact a patient’s outlook.

CBD from an organic hemp plant may play a complementary role alongside chiropractic care. This is possible because of CBD’s interaction with key neurotransmitter systems involved in reward and motivation. By considering such ability, CBD is believed to provide mood-enhancing effects.

Scientific evidence from peer-reviewed studies suggests that a CBD extract could increase serotonin activity. This chemical, popularly called “happy hormone,” may uplift mood. CBD may also influence the endocannabinoid system’s stress adaptation and emotional processing functions via receptors in the brain and immune cells.

While high doses of isolated CBD have shown limited efficacy, balanced, moderate doses appear more effective at supporting mental well-being. This fact may empower chiropractors to address not only physical symptoms but also their patients’ emotional distress.

CBD Oil for Reduced Substance Use

Recent studies suggest that hemp extract may help support people struggling with too much substance usage. Recently, a placebo-controlled trial explored whether CBD could mitigate cravings and relapse triggers in those who display dependence on certain drugs.

The volunteer participants of the study received oral CBD or a placebo daily. They were also undergoing cue-exposure sessions designed to model real-life triggers.

Compared to placebo, those receiving CBD reported significant reductions in drug-related cravings after cue exposure. Also, the higher CBD dose conferred anti-craving effects lasting at least a week post-administration.

From here, the researchers hypothesize that CBD could disrupt memory reconsideration and conditioning between environmental triggers that lead to habitual drug use. It may also modulate brain circuits involved in cravings and stress reactivity. Though further research is imperative, these preliminary findings are promising regarding the positive effects of CBD use.

CBD Oil for Protect Brain Neurons

Chiropractic care aims to support holistic body wellness. Thus, research about CBD’s effect on brain health becomes integral in considering how this cannabinoid could benefit chiropractic patients.

For one, CBD may regulate neurotransmitter activity related to too much electric surge in the brain. CBD appears to increase the production of an inhibitory chemical called GABA. This compound could quiet excessive electrical signaling. By stimulating this intrinsic calming system, CBD could aid patients experiencing muscle spasms, tremors, or stiffness alongside spinal issues.

CBD may also influence underlying biological pathways that impact neurological health over time. Imbalances in specific chemical signaling systems are believed to cause cognitive decline.

Because CBD can modulate important neurotransmitters and neural processes, this cannabinoid may counteract dysfunction and degradation in brain circuits. Supporting the integrity of these pathways may have profound benefits, such as sustaining positive mental health.

What are the advantages of CBD oil?

Ease of use

The cannabis plant (as well as the hemp plant) contains over 100 active compounds we refer to as cannabinoids. One of the prominent is CBD or cannabidiol. Unlike THC, the cannabinoid associated with the plant’s psychoactive effects, CBD is non-intoxicating.

The popularity of CBD oil partially stems from its ease of use. Buying CBD oil from SPRO comes in dropper bottles for simple and precise dosing, reducing the psychoactive effects.

The mentioned quality empowers our buyers to calibrate their required CBD oil dosage. Thus, they can easily incorporate our CBD oil into their daily wellness routine with relative ease.

The controlled delivery methods and absence of intoxication make SPRO CBD oil an appealing CBD product for chiropractors seeking functional support for their patients.

CBD Oil is Versatile

Unlike traditional, single-use pharmaceuticals, Stirling Professional’s CBD oils offer chiropractic patients remarkable versatility in administration routes and dosage forms. Our simple dropper bottles make sublingual use convenient for rapid absorption into the bloodstream.

If your patients desire longer-acting relief, each CBD oil we sell can be seamlessly added to foods, beverages, and topicals. The diversity of Stirling Professional’s CBD oil enables personalized applications based on the patient’s health goals.

For example, patients who are into managing their persistent musculoskeletal pain may apply CBD lotions that are infused with pure CBD oil. These products are helpful if patients need targeted pain-alleviating effects.

Even CBD capsules contain CBD oil, which is helpful for chiropractic patients seeking a good night’s sleep.

Mixing clear CBD tinctures into smoothies or coffees allows discreet, on-the-go use without altering palatability. Such flexibility empowers patients and clinicians to target symptoms using precision delivery methods unique to cannabis extracts.

CBD Oil has Customizable Dosing

One of the critical advantages of SPRO CBD oil is the exceptional dosage control it provides users. Unlike restricted pharmaceutical products, CBD oil can be precisely self-titrated based on individual needs and responsiveness. This gives patients and clinicians more latitude to find the optimal dosage through patient-centered calibration.

For those more sensitive or new to CBD oil, micro-dosing capabilities permit starting with minuscule, subtherapeutic amounts before gradually increasing until the minimum effective level is reached. Such room for conservative titration promises safety and reduced risk of overmedication. Meanwhile, more seasoned users have equal ability to augment dosages, allowing them to unlock CBD oil’s full potential.

This flexibility of customization empowers patients with greater authority over their health goals. It also captures fundamental tenets of integrative medicine by accounting for individual absorption, metabolism, and symptom manifestation variation.

In essence, self-directed dosage optimizes the entourage effects of whole-plant CBD oil. By placing precision modulation in the patient’s hands, customizable concentrations pave the way toward ideal wellness.


One of the critical advantages of CBD oil is the discretion it affords users. Unlike consuming cannabis flower, vaporizing, or other conspicuous administration methods, integrating CBD oil into one’s routine often passes unnoticed. Crystal clear tinctures can be quietly dripped under the tongue or seamlessly blended into beverages without altering taste or visual profile.

Capsules pass as routine dietary supplements. Even topicals look no different than traditional skincare or muscle creams. This enables more private, controlled CBD consumption, free of scrutiny, stigma, or unwanted questions. Individuals manage health concerns on their terms rather than feeling compelled to share intimate medical details, especially for those prioritizing personal liberty in therapy decisions; CBD oil proffers subtle usage – restoring control over one’s narrative.

As an adjunct relieving symptoms of sensitive conditions, discreet CBD administration enables patients to keep private matters private. Only they need to know the source of their improved well-being. Thus, secrecy contains dignity and choice. In an increasingly transparent digital landscape, the anonymity CBD oil guarantees is, for some, an exceptionally cherished asset warranting consideration alongside therapeutic indices.

Why is CBD oil applied sublingually?

CBD oil is often administered sublingually (under the tongue) to optimize absorption and facilitate a faster onset of effects. When CBD oil is placed under the tongue, the mucous membranes allow it to enter the bloodstream without being processed through the digestive tract and liver. This sublingual method helps maximize CBD bioavailability, allowing more of the active compound to circulate for enhanced efficacy.

The vein-rich sublingual cavity also expedites penetration into circulation relative to traditional oral ingestion. Patients start experiencing therapeutic benefits within 15-30 minutes as the cannabinoids rapidly reach target receptors via the bloodstream.

Sublingual consumption enables rapid, reliable relief tailored to patients’ needs by providing a convenient absorption shortcut that skips first-pass metabolism. This method remains popular among those leveraging CBD’s health and benefits.

The exceptional efficacy and speed of sublingual CBD oil make it ideal for those requiring potent, consistent effects at the maximum dosage their system can utilize.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a specific cannabinoid present in a cannabis or hemp plant. Stirling Professional sells CBD oil that contains explicitly CBD extracted from hemp, a variety of cannabis plants that is high in CBD.

Compared with THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce the type of “high” commonly attributed to marijuana. Most CBD products you’ll find in the market today have a legal status on the federal level because they cannot cause a user to be high in the same effect as marijuana.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is believed to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is innate in the human body and is thought to oversee functions such as appetite, sleep, mood, and pain.

Early research suggests CBD may offer therapeutic benefits for certain conditions, though more studies are still needed. The potential health benefits of CBD are explained by its ability to influence specific cannabinoid receptors present within the ECS.

Currently, the FDA approves only one CBD-based drug for treating rare medical disorders.

How does CBD work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the over 100 active cannabinoids in the hemp or cannabis sativa plant. When you compare it with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not produce the “high” effect we generally relate to marijuana use.

Over the years, CBD gained widespread attention because of its potential health benefits. Several research studies have been published pointing to CBD’s good effects on specific medical conditions. CBD is the active ingredient in CBD oils or hemp extract products.

Studies show CBD can interact with the body’s innate endocannabinoid system. The latter is vital in regulating certain bodily functions such as pain, mood, appetite, sleep, and blood pressure.

Studies suggest CBD may slightly lower blood pressure by relaxing or dilating blood vessels. Such an effect on the cardiovascular system is one of the many reasons why CBD is an understudy for various clinical studies.

Some people use CBD oils along with chiropractic treatments for pain relief and reducing swelling. Chiropractic adjustments can target musculoskeletal issues, while CBD provides additional positive effects.

Overall, the research on CBD is promising for certain health conditions. However, consumers should be aware that CBD products remain unregulated by the health department. Consulting a doctor before using any CBD oils is recommended, especially for individuals on medications or with health issues, as CBD may interact with other drugs or treatments.

Stirling Professional Best CBD Oil Products for 2024

Full-Spectrum CBD Oils 1800mg and 1200mg

Discover soothing relief and profound relaxation with SPRO Full Spectrum CBD oil 1800mg and 1200mg. This premium full-spectrum hemp extract tincture harnesses the entourage benefits of whole-plant hemp’s natural cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes amplified by a touch of THC. Blended using a pristine safflower carrier oil and natural citrus or mint essential oils for two delightful flavor options, this high-potency full-spectrum hemp extract delivers powerful support to the mind and body.

A serving or two sublingually per day empowers your endocannabinoid system to reduce pain, ease tension, quiet racing thoughts, and restore homeostasis from cellular up. The 0.3% THC content may also encourage the “entourage effect,” working synergistically with CBD to amplify the therapeutic benefits of whole plant botanicals are renowned. Consume discreetly via the convenient dropper bottle, then relax as SPRO’s exceptional full-spectrum oil rebalances your body and mind.

With 1800mg CBD supplying prolonged potency in each bottle, you can now benefit from nature’s living pharmacy daily. Allow exceptional whole plant synergy to gently return you to equilibrium with SPRO Full-Spectrum Tincture.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oils 3000mg and 1200mg

We meticulously crafted This CBD product, a premium wellness solution to deliver many benefits. Stirling Professional offers this CBD oil in two potencies – 3000mg and 1500mg. We aim to provide chiropractic patients flexibility to tailor their dosage based on their preferences and needs.

Our commitment to delivering a product free of THC guarantees that patients taking chiropractic care will experience CBD’s potential benefits without any psychoactive effects. This CBD oil is a safe and reliable option for chiropractic treatment.

Stirling prioritizes purity and inclusivity. Our Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is crafted with all-organic ingredients, making it suitable for vegan and gluten-free lifestyles. It aligns seamlessly with chiropractic practices emphasizing natural and holistic health approaches.

Anti-Cramp Balm Magnesium 2500mg

Bring soothing relief to your patients’ aching muscles with SPRO’s 2500mg CBD Anti-Cramp Balm. This is another CBD pain cream you can safely recommend to your clients. The powerhouse topical leverages the unique combination of CBD isolate and magnesium chloride to target muscle tightness and discomfort with amazing precision.

SPRO’s high-concentration CBD, coupled with the therapeutic benefits of Israeli Dead Sea magnesium, work in harmonious synergy to relax the human body from head to toe. CBD takes care of muscle soreness, while magnesium facilitates muscle relief and flexible movement. Together, they offer next-level relief tailored to ease occasional back, knee, and joint tension.

Our anti-cramp CBD cream glides on smooth, letting the rich formula pass through the skin for fast-acting, lasting relief. The 4oz jar provides a generous capacity, so you never run out.

Delta 8 Sleep Gummies

These gummies provide a tasty way to enhance relaxation and sleep. Carefully crafted with pectin for a delightfully chewy texture, our Delta 8 Sleep Gummies feature premium all-natural ingredients like beet sugar and tapioca syrup to induce an organic sweet flavor.

Each jar contains 20 gummies, with each gummy precisely dosed with 50mg of Delta 8. Coupled with other cannabinoids, CBD and CBN, this ideal sleep formula leads to a holistic approach to calm and rest your active body.

Why buy CBD oil for chiropractor care from Stirling Professional?

With several CBD brands, you’ll find online, what makes Stirling Professional your go-to CBD supplier? Here’s why:

Quality of Hemp Source

Stirling Professional stands out as one of the premier CBD brands thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality. One way of demonstrating this is by its particular focus on the sourcing of its hemp.

At the core of our excellence is the dedication to using high-quality, organically grown, USA-cultivated industrial hemp. Since we know that hemp plants are bioaccumulators, they are capable of absorbing substances that are both harmful and beneficial. So, how does Stirling Professional mitigate this issue?

We meticulously ensure that our hemp is grown in the most pristine and sustainable environments. SPRO partners with reputable farms that adhere to stringent organic practices. This step ensures that our hemp blooms free from pesticides and contaminants.

In a crowded CBD space brimming with subpar sources, Stirling Professional prides itself on unparalleled leadership in sourcing only premium-grade hemp.

Extraction Methodology

Stirling Professional’s revolutionary solventless extraction method leverages the power of cavitation. It is effective in gently obtaining maximum CBD from our USA-grown hemp while preserving the plant’s inherent nutritional value.

Cavitation refers to the formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles in liquid that generate shockwaves. SPRO utilizes a custom extraction machine that uses targeted hydraulic pressure to trigger a cavitational effect within non-toxic food grades and plant material.

This solvent-free cavitation process grants Stirling’s CBD higher bioavailability and a broadened spectrum of beneficial plant compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, and omegas compared to harsh solvent extraction methods. It’s also more eco-friendly since every component gets used.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing set by independent laboratories is a crucial step that sets quality CBD companies apart. This process validates the safety, composition, and potency of their products. All of our products here at Stirling are lab-tested.

Here at Stirling Professional, we treat third-party testing as an integral part of our production process. By incorporating this best practice, we are giving our customers complete assurance that what is stated on our product labels matches what is confirmed by scientific analysis.

Each batch of Stirling’s CBD products undergoes full panel testing at FDA-recognized independent lab facilities before being cleared for bottling as a finished product. This rigorous testing allows Stirling to accurately quantify high-quality ingredients, determine cannabinoid concentrations, and verify the absence of microbial contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, or other undesirables.

Customers can easily access up-to-date Certificates of Analysis for any Stirling Professional product. These documents validate clean formulas free from significant amounts of toxins and confirm the levels of other compounds in what they are ingesting match labels.

Product Variety

A diverse product range is vital for any CBD brand to truly serve the breadth of customer needs and delivery preferences in this ever-expanding niche. Stirling Professional recognizes the importance of developing an array of CBD catalogs for nearly every lifestyle by offering an extensive selection of high-quality, potent products.

From a traditional full-spectrum CBD oil to a specialized topical CBD cream, Stirling’s variety ensures new users and CBD aficionados alike can incorporate CBD’s natural wellness support into life’s most important moments.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews are invaluable social proof that a CBD brand can deliver products that meet people’s expectations and provide real wellness support. As an industry still building mainstream familiarity and trust, reputable CBD companies lean on transparency and word-of-mouth to showcase their ability to promote CBD-empowered well-being.

Stirling Professional holds the utmost confidence in their premium CBD formulations, as reflected in the remarkable endorsements voluntarily shared by our chiropractic professionals clientele. These candid reviews spanning improved sleep, mobility, focus, and recovery showcase Stirling’s products, meeting individual needs beyond placebo.

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer care service is one of our top priorities at Stirling Professional. Our dedicated customer team offers helpful guidance to our chiropractor customers. We offer the right solution, provide responsible dosing advice tailored to the customer, uphold complete transparency, and troubleshoot any issues with understanding so our clients feel empowered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hemp seed oil similar to hemp oil?

Both are derived from the hemp plant. However, hemp seed oil comes from the hemp seeds, while hemp oil is produced by processing the leaves and flowers. Also, if the hemp oil is identified as a full spectrum hemp extract, it contains THC, while hemp seed oil has none of this psychoactive compound.

Does CBD oil come with side effects?

Yes, CBD oil can come with some adverse effects, although these should be typically mild. Reported side effects may include stomach upsets, fatigue, dry mouth, and changes in one’s appetite. People experiencing severe side effects should immediately contact their regional poison control center or health department or seek help from a healthcare provider. CBD also reacts with certain medications, causing side effects to the user.

Can I apply CBD oil to joint pain?

Yes. Stirling Professional’s CBD oils are very versatile. You can use our oils as massage oils or mix them with your favorite lotions. But for a more convenient application, we recommend you try Stirling Professional line of CBD lotions, which are proven effective in relieving pain.

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