Explore Stirling Professional’s wide range of pure, potent, and tested CBD products for Professional Offices today!

Why Choose Stirling Professional?

Solventless Extraction

At Stirling Professional CBD, our dedication to delivering unparalleled quality shines through our innovative solventless extraction process. Unlike traditional extraction methods that may involve the use of solvents, our advanced technique prioritizes purity and safety.

Through meticulous craftsmanship, we extract premium CBD from hemp without the need for any solvents, ensuring a clean and potent end product. This commitment to solventless extraction not only guarantees the absence of harmful residues but also preserves the full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in hemp.

solventless extraction

Medical Grade Federally Legal Products


In late 2018, a pivotal moment transformed the landscape of the U.S. cannabis industry. A new bill opened the doors for producing and selling CBD and other cannabinoids in products with less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC. Our focus turned to introducing products that embody the principles of being Pure, Proven, and Tested.

Unlike many CBD companies caught up in the "Green Rush," Stirling Professional maintained a clear focus on two essential aspects — Science and Customer Service. We didn't follow the crowd; instead, we prioritized delivering a professional touch grounded in scientific excellence and unparalleled customer care.

Higher Potency & Great Pricing

What's our best-selling lotions in Chiropractic Offices?

  • The most powerful line-up in the industry.
  • Up to 1800mg tinctures and 2500mg lotions.
  • Made in a Food Grade, FDA Certified, Organic Certified, GMP Facility
  • Sold only at professional offices.
  • 100% THC free.
  • QR codes on each box for tracing to 3rd party testing.
  • FDA-approved labelling, nutrition facts, and safety seals.

Designed with Top Professionals For Professional Offices

Introducing Stirling Professional CBD—a premium nutrition brand designed for professional offices. With higher dosages, improved formulations, and competitive pricing, our products enhance well-being between visits, while maximizing your office's revenue.

QR Codes on each product

  • Scan for CoA
  • Product Testing
  • Third-Party Testing
  • Safety Data Sheet

Our 3Ps Guarantee


Solventless Extraction
Water Soluble CBD
Purest CBD Available
Organic, Holistic Formulations


250+ Chiro Offices
15K Patients
Unrivalled Testing
Affordable Pricing


3rd Party Tested
COAs on Each Product
Test for CBD content, mold, pesticides, etc
No Animal Testing



How does CBD Fit into DC Offices?

  • Latest Cannabinoid research from Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, NIH, etc.
  • Latest FDA and National Rules and Regulations.
  • Explains the history and differences between Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana

CHIRO HEROES Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S.
  • What are the warning signs of human trafficking?
  • When DCs identify a victim, what should they do?
  • How to DCs deal with former victims of human trafficking and abuse to provide a comfortable environment in the office?


Contact us directly for a 45-minute online training on Stirling Professional products.

Our Journey

In 2018 Joe took a leap from the corporate world and wanted to improve the health and well being of Americans, so he launched Stirling Professional.

His passion for providing natural, organic solutions for patients is focused on industries that align to the same holistic beliefs - like Chiropractors and Naturopathic medicine providers.


Jay Greenstein, DC, CKTP, CGFI
Doctor of Chiropractic
Board Certification in Physiotherapy
Dr. Jay Greenstein - "Stirling has great products - I’ve been using his products to enhance my health and well-being. I recently had Joe on our podcast and he did a great job breaking down the science of CBD and how his company stands out in a crowded market – quality, safety, and efficacy. I definitely recommend his products. Plus, he has great hair!"
Jeffrey Curwen, CAE
Executive Director of Washington State Chiropractic Association
Jeff Curwen - Stirling has been a great partner with the WSCA - Stirling has, hands-down, the best CBD products I've ever encountered. They're thoroughly researched, tested, and highly effective. Stirling is the CBD provider I trust--not just for myself--but for my family, too."
Thomas J. Wetzen, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic
Thomas J. Wetzen - Stirling is known to be a reputable brand, is well respected, and continues to give back to the chiropractic community. Stirling has been a great partner to work with. Joe brings thought leadership into his industry and works with DCs to ensure they have the education needed to make the right decisions regarding CBD based products.
Julie K. Connolly, FICC
Executive Director of Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association
Julie K. Connolly, FICC - Joe Kryszak, the owner of Stirling, has been a great partner to work with. He brings thought leadership into his industry and works with DCs to ensure they have the education needed to make the right decisions regarding CBD based products.

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Why Choose Stirling Professional?

Solventless Extraction

  • Better Pricing than the CVS up the street
  • 2500mg CBD in each lotion

Higher Potency & Great Pricing

  • DC Formulated & Sold only in DC Offices
  • Solventless Extraction
  • More than CBD - Other amazing ingredients added
    • ex. Energy & Immunity Gummies

Unrivaled Testing

  • 3rd Party-tested products
  • QR Code on each product linking to testing

With over 250 Chiropractors trusting Stirling Professional

Our commitment to quality and service speaks for itself. We invite you to explore our range of medical-grade chiropractic CBD products and experience the Stirling Professional difference.

We were helping people, and it was awesome.
We heard many success stories from our customers:

How Stirling made a significant difference in alleviating a child's emotional strain during their school days.

How Stirling helped a U.S. soldier sleep through the night for the 1st time in years. ​

How it aided another soldier in alleviating his feelings of tension and unease.

Be a Chirohero in the Fight Against human Trafficking!

You can make a difference

Join us in our efforts to raise funds to fight human trafficking. ChiroHeroes is a non-profit organization that works in a joint effort with other similar non-profits to stop human trafficking and give aftercare support to those who have been freed from human trafficking.


your trusted source for medical-grade CBD products designed exclusively for professional offices. Our journey begins with organically grown hemp in the USA. We're dedicated to delivering CBD that's genuinely pure, proven, and tested to meet the high standards of healthcare professionals.


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