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CBD Chiropractic: How Do Chiropractors Incorporate CBD into Patient Care?

CBD products have been in the spotlight for the last 24 months.  According to a survey done by Forbes 64% of US Adults consider CBD to be safe. In the same survey, they found that 60% have tried it and found it to be effective in easing their problems.

CBD chiropractic usage is also an emerging trend in the chiropractic industry. Chiropractic Economics did a survey in 2019. They found that 26% of the surveyed doctors incorporate CBD in their practice. With that said, should you consider including CBD in your practice?

Questions like Is CBD legal? What benefits will my patients get if I introduce CBD to them? This often comes up when discussing CBD. Read on to find out why Chiropractors across the US are integrating CBDs in their clinics.

The Need For Alternative Relief Options

Whether you’ve been treating patients for decades, or a new chiropractor, you’ll encounter patients who look for alternatives to the norm. The same can be said with pain medications. People want options other than the common prescription painkillers.

You may have patients who have medical conditions that prohibit them from taking Tylenol or Advil. Patients with liver problems. Or, who are allergic to the drug are forced to look for other ways to alleviate pain.

Another reason to look for an option is a change in lifestyle. More and more patients are leaning towards natural medicine. They are starting to shy away from over-the-counter drugs. Herbal medicines such as Boswellia, Turmeric and CBD are some of the common substitutes.

Understanding CBD and Its Potential

CBD stands for “Cannabidiol”, a compound found in hemp plants. It’s a natural chemical that is also found in our body and produced by the Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid System is a cell-signaling system in the body.  It regulates sleep, memory, mood, and appetite. Think of it as a traffic light system in our body. It manages to regulate the cell signals through three vital elements namely endocannabinoids, receptors, and readjusting a woman's shoulder bone

Endocannabinoids have been linked to functions involving body relief, sleep improvement, and relaxation via various research such as:

We all produce cannabidiol organically, but like Iron, Vit B, and C, many of us can develop deficiencies. In order to make up for the deficiency, we take supplements like hemp-derived CBDs.

Hemp is a plant from the Cannabis family typically grown for industrial or medicinal use. CBD derived from Hemp is legal in all states as long as it has less than 0.3% THC by weight.

How CBD Products Can Help Your Patients

Various studies and many more on the way support the viable potential of CBD in helping patients with different forms of body aches, including:

  • Muscle soreness relief
  • Relaxes the nerves
  • Improves patient mood
  • Lessen swelling or redness in certain areas

Patients who can’t take (or don’t want to take) over-the-counter medications can use CBD products to provide fast relief in between treatments. Those who are suffering prolonged swelling or redness in certain body areas can take CBD gummies or capsules to ease their discomfort.

How do Chiropractors Incorporate CBD Products Their  Practice?

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  • Pre-Adjustment Preparation

First-time patients or those who are experiencing unbearable aches and pains can take CBD to relax their muscles. This will give them relief prior to the alignment session. This is especially helpful for the older generation who are new to chiropractic care. Most likely, thy have been suffering from prolonged knee aches.

Patients who are giddy, tense, or anxious will also appreciate feeling calm before they start the adjustment process. Aside from helping them relax, it will make your job a lot easier. Since, you don’t need to worry about your patients getting fearful or uneasy.

You can recommend they take CBD either orally or use them topically. They can pick from oral ones like CBD gummies, capsules, and tinctures. Or, they can use topical balms and lotions. Any of these products will do. These can provide relief and make your patients calmer so they are receptive to the adjustment.

  • After Treatment Booster

Various research done like those of June 2012 and April 2020, suggest that CBD also helps in improving recovery times. Patients with the aid of CBD get better chances of restful sleep and relief.

When people sleep more, are less tense, and are more at ease instead of feeling discomfort. They are more likely to recover better compared to those battling with body aches and restless nights.

Another advantage of recommending CBD for after-treatment is CBD products like gummies also have added vitamins and minerals.

Added Benefit of CBD for Chiropractors

  • Added Revenue

One of the perks of introducing CBD products is they will provide an added stream of revenue to your practice. In Stirling Professional’s case, an avg. Chiropractor will sell $6k a year of CBD products. That is $500 a month in added revenue. The great thing is that once customers buy the product, they will come back for more.

  • Access To Early Remedy

Second added benefit is you introduce your patients to natural and vegan products to a more affordable solution. Compared to over-the-counter drugs, CBD products are budget friendly. Your patients can buy high quality CBD products without breaking the bank.

Early remedy also prevents them from calling an ambulance. Or, getting hospitalized if ever their condition becomes worse.

  • Better Monitor Patient Recovery

As a Stirling partner, you decide what products to sell. This allows you to better monitor your patient’s recovery. You can see for yourself which works best for your patients.

For example, you can directly compare those taking normal medications with those using CBD.  Through this get useful insight into which method is more effective.

Things To Consider Before Selecting A CBD Product

There are many CBD companies offering their products in the market. It’s good to have a set of standards to follow before making a purchase.

  • 3rd Party Certificates of Analysis – one clear indicator that the CBD product is of good quality is the amount and quality testing it has undergone. 3rd Party testing ensures that the results of each clinical trial are unbiased and factual.
  • Facility is FDA Approved – the lab where it is produced and the machines used should all be FDA approved. This guarantees that you are a legal and industry-recognized product.
  • Not Tested on Animals – it’s best to check if the CBD product is not tested on animals and is 100% organic and vegan.
  • Within the 0.3% THC threshold – last but not least, read the label first. Make sure the THC level is within the 0.3% threshold set by the government.


Chiropractic CBD offers a lot of benefits to both chiropractors and their patients. By incorporating CBD in your practice you help your patients reduce swelling or redness in their bodies. Help them calm and relax their nerves, boost their mood, and even improve their sleep. With the rising cost of living prices, having access to affordable remedies is essential to living a wholesome and meaningful life.

Stirling Professional launched our first line of CBD products in 2018. Today we continue to lead in product innovation and quality through our full lineup of Hemp-Based CBD, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC Products. We exclusively sell our products to Chiropractors, Gyms, CrossFit Boxes, PTs, and Massage Therapists. For more information about our products, feel free to connect with us through our contact us page or chat with us today!

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