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Stirling Professional Oil Tinctures

With so many CBD companies popping up, it’s hard to know which brand to choose when looking to buy CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures.

The good news is that Stirling Professional is one of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the U.S.

You might wonder why. Here are a few quick reasons:

1. The most compelling reason is the quality of our CBD Oil.

Stirling CBD Oils demands the highest standards of agriculture, production, packaging, and distribution for all our products, including our flagship CBD Oil Tincture line-up.

If the CBD does not pass all the 32 testing components of our Third Party Tested CBD, we will not sell it.

2. Stirling’s cannabis oil CBD is made from 100% American Grown Hemp.

The hemp we make our cannabis tinctures from is GMO-Free, all Natural, Vegan, and Kosher CBD Oil without THC.

We grow our hemp under the 2018 Farm Act, ensuring accountability and transparency in our production. All of the hemp plants are traced from seed, to plant, to harvest, to processing. Everything is accounted for and traced electronically. No cutting corners at Stirling. The hemp plant is amazing, and we take great care of each Hemp plant.

3. Best CBD you can Buy Online?

Our goal is your satisfaction, and you can trust Stirling CBD only to sell Pure, Potent, Tested CBD. That is why we make the best CBD oil for sale online.

We need to earn your business, so we stand behind our products.  Stirling CBD Oil customers get the highest quality CBD products, which have been proven to help people’s health and lives in many ways.

Stirling utilizes a CO2 extraction process that allows us to draw CBD from the plant material and filter out unnatural substances. All other impurities and stuff you don’t need – maximizing pure CBD concentration. We do all this with 0% THC, guaranteed.

Though our process is expensive, this safe and proven extraction method is critical for yielding the highest quality cannabidiol oil found in U.S. grown hemp plants.

4. 3rd Party Testing

To be transparent to our customers, Stirling CBD shows the 3rd party lab results testing right on our website.

The testing from the independent lab clearly shows our Organic CBD has the quality you are looking for, with zero THC.

Meaning 0% THC, THC-Free, None, Nada! Below are some common questions people have concerning CBD.

What is CBD?
Pure, Tested CBD Oil (Like Stirling) is derived from selectively bred Hemp Plants.

In the late 90’s, researchers discovered our body has receptors specially designed to accept and process cannibidiol (CBD) and that your body needs CBD for Homeostasis (keeping your body working at optimal levels).

CBD is found in a host of other plants, but in much smaller amounts (chocolate, black pepper, echinacea to name a few).

CBD is accepted and absorbed by the human body’s EndoCannabidoil System (ECS).  The ECS in your body has receptors specially designed to accept and process CBD. The primary function of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis – a stable internal environment, which endocannabinoids promote through various biological mechanisms, including but not limited to facilitating, communication between different cell types.

People have used CBD for decades looking for relief from a number of mental and physical concerns, such as pain, inflammation & anxiety.

What is in Stirling’ss CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures?

Stirling CBD Oil for sale comes in three flavors, Berry, Lemon/Lime & Peppermint. Each of the CBD Oil flavors comes in 1000mg/1500mg/30000mg formulas.

All three different dosages come in the same sized 1oz bottle.

Both formulations are made for people who don’t like the raw, dirt taste of hemp oil (so, everybody ?). While each taste is very slight, they both taste great. The Berry, Citrus & Mint essential oils work well with aromatherapy, and our all-natural extracts both have antidepressants and antioxidative properties.

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?
CBD has many benefits for all kinds of users. Some use it to treat specific medical conditions and symptoms, as it can help with everything from pain to seizures. Some also use it as a daily general health supplement as it has many beneficial qualities that can ward off illnesses and improve overall wellness. However, some people may wonder- does CBD show up on drug tests?

Due to its close relation with cannabis, many worry about the potential risks of using CBD. For instance, will it leave traces of cannabis in your body and will these show up on a drug test? However, CBD is actually very safe to use in various forms. Here’s a guide on CBD, THC, and drug tests.
What is the Difference Between CBD and THC?
To understand how marijuana drug tests work, it’s important to understand the difference between CBD and THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants which is known to make you high. It’s known to make users feel happy and euphoric while also delivering a soothing, tingly body buzz.

CBD can also be found in cannabis plants. However, its effects are very different from the effects of THC. CBD gives you no psychoactive effects and is used purely for medical purposes. It can help relieve pain, seizures, anxiety, depression, and various other medical symptoms. It’s seen as a purely therapeutic chemical, making it legal to use in many cases.

THC is the chemical which drug tests detect in your hair, urine or blood. As such, if you take products that contain no THC, you won’t need to worry about any upcoming drug tests. CBD is both safe and legal to use, and therefore drug tests do not search for this chemical compound in the body.

Is CBD Safe to Use?
CBD has some powerful medical effects on the body. It can relieve pain fast, as well as lowering anxiety and stress, reduces brain overstimulation, improves skin health – just to name a few.

Like with any medical treatment, some users may wonder if there are risks involved with taking it.

However, CBD is a very natural and safe treatment. In fact, CBD is regularly lauded for its high safety profile. Even the World Health Organization notes that CBD has no health risks and no potential for abuse.

CBD is non-addictive and you can not overdose on CBD no matter how much you take. This makes it extremely safe to use, especially in comparison with some other medical treatments which often come with serious side effects.

It’s useful for people of all ages and can treat numerous medical symptoms risk-free.
How do you take CBD Oil?

Our CBD Oil allows for easy sublingual (under the tongue) delivery. This delivery method has the most bioavailability of any ingestion method. CBD Tinctures have far better absorption than gummies, vapes, food, etc. while still maintaining 100% potency and vitality.

Stirling’s cannabis oil for sale is backed with 3rd party testing to prove we can make the claim of “CBD Oil no THC. “

You have lots of options when looking to buy CBD Oil online. We want to prove to you that Stirling has the best CBD oil tincture for sale. Give us a try, our 100% satisfaction guarantee is proof we have the best Chiropractic CBD.

CBD Extraction Method Used by Stirling CBD Oil

We utilize a CO2 extraction process that allows us to draw CBD from the plant material and filter out unnatural substances, maximizing pure CBD concentration with 0% THC, guaranteed.

Through this extraction process is expensive, it is a safe and gentle extraction method for yielding the highest quality cannabidiol found in the hemp plant.

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