How Stirling’s Solventless CBD Extraction Is Done

When it comes to recommending products to your patients, it’s crucial to be familiar with how it’s made. There are many extraction methods available in the market, but Stirling’s unique solventless cbd extraction stands out among the rest.

We’ll go on a deep dive to help you understand how it’s done, and how it helps in creating CBD products you can trust.

Why Go for Solventless Extraction?

The most common extraction method used by mass manufacturers is solvent-based extraction. This process uses chemicals like ethanol, butane, and even Carbon Dioxide to separate the trichomes from the plant material.

Solvent-based extraction is an arduous and costly process. The end result is laden with risks like contamination if the extraction is not done properly. Chemicals like butane if not properly removed from the extracts can cause pulmonary issues in end users.  

The risks and cost associated with solvent-based extraction is what pushed Stirling to work closely with CaviCann to create an organic and sustainable process.

What is Solventless Extraction?

Solventless, from its name, is a process of taking out the trichomes without the use of chemical solvents. Stirling’s process uses distilled ice water and a special machine that separates the trichomes using Cavitation. This special machine is patented and only CaviCann’s partners like Stirling can use it to create sustainable CBD products.

The process has the following benefits compared to other commercial methods:

  • Organic – no chemicals are used during the whole process making it both environmentally safe and consumer friendly as well.
  • Cost Effective – since no chemicals are involved, there is no need for elaborate specialized manufacturing facilities. This lack of costly expenditure results in affordable prices and scalable production.
  • Variety in Products – the compounds extracted using the solventless process are not limited to full spectrum or broad spectrum extracts. Products like pure isolates are also possible. This is due to the end products reaching near 99% purity with each batch of extracts.

How Stirling’s Solventless Extraction Is Done

Step 1: Biomass Preparation

The first step in the process is preparing the plant material called biomass. The hemp used in the whole process comes from locally authorized cannabis farms that work closely with Stirling. These farms grow local hemp varieties regulated and approved by the federal government.

The hemp harvest arrives in bulk from the local farms and is thoroughly washed. Stirling uses the leaves, plant stems, and flowers in making our CBD products. After the cleaning, the prepared biomass is finely chopped and readied for the next step which is the submersion.

Step 2: Ice Water Submersion

The finely chopped biomass is placed inside a sealed stainless steel container. The container is then flooded with ice water that’s at around 59 °F or less. The freezing waters freezes the trichomes making them malleable for the separation stage later.

The solidified trichomes containing all the essential compounds of the plant will then be easier to extract from the non-trichome parts.

Step 3: Cavitation Blast

The specialized machine will then blast billions of air bubbles into the ice water. The sealed container prevents the escape of air and the kinetic energy causes the frozen trichomes to detach from the plant.

The blast and the mechanical force allows for targeted separation without the need for chemicals. The ice water also prevents the trichomes from becoming damaged in the process. The cavitation then creates two layers: a trichome filled one and another with other plant material like chlorophyll and plant cells.

Step 4: Micro Filtering

The now trichome and plant matter filled water will go through a 40 micron filter. This giant sieve with microscopic holes separates the Cannabinoid compounds from other organic plant material. The mixture passes through this sieve multiple times until all plant matter is segregated from the essential compounds.

The whole process allows for a seamless, chemical free extraction that maintains the purity of the cannabis compounds. The end products contain high purity and are free from contaminants that may endanger patient health and well-being.

Step 5: Final Processing

In the last stage of the extraction process, Isolates are set apart from full spectrum and broad spectrum products. Specialized extracts like CBGA, CBDA, CBN, and other compounds are created as well.

The organically derived extracts will then form the base for many of Stirling’s premium CBD product lines. Examples of such products include Delta 8 Sleep gummies, Muscle Gels, and many others.

The purity level and quality of the extracts used on all Stirling products are hard to replicate using conventional means. This chemical free extraction process is at the core of our production line. It allows us to create premium, highly effective products that don’t compromise the health and budget of any consumer.


Now that you understand how Stirling does its solventless CBD extraction, you are more informed and confident about the products you recommend to your patients. You can rest assured that Striling’s products are made from the purest, organic, and chemical free extracts available in the market. Our patented process helps us put your patients’ health and well-being first in all we do.

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